Rewrite The Stars ( from The Greatest Showman )


Rewrite The Stars (The Greatest Showman Ost)  Zac Efron ft Zendaya. Strings Quartet arrangement for 2 violin, viola, and Cello. Key : B flat Major. Duration : 3’43”.

      Rewrite the stars strings quartet



Rewrite The Stars

( from The Greatest Showman Ost ) – Zac Efron ft. Zendaya

Rewrite The Star String Quartet Arrangement for Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello.

Key : B flat Major ( + D major version )

Duration : 3’43”

“Rewrite the Stars” was the third promotional song to be released before The Greatest Showman premiered. It is the eighth song overall on the soundtrack. The song was one of several “Greatest Showman” tracks to make waves on the global music charts. The soundtrack itself holds a platinum certification in the United States — and remains one of the top-selling albums on a weekly basis.

The song is an aerial duet between two of the characters: Philip Carlyle, a rich, white man, and Anne Wheeler, a poor, African-American girl. The two are in love, but destiny seems to keep pulling them away from each other.

Lyrically the song takes on the subject of controlling their own fate and not letting the “stars” (other people) tell them otherwise. While Philip takes on a more optimistic tone, noting that they could “rewrite the stars” and change their destiny, Anne takes on a more realistic approach, believing that even though they love each other, no one can rewrite the stars or do the impossible. (



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